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Woke up, packed my stuff and went outside to hitch a ride back to Baht, the place where I had parked the Caboose the night before. Some of you might remember from a few months back that I suck at hitchhiking, so I ended up standing there for a while, holding out my arm, trying to look likeable. It took forever.

When I got to Baht, I was invited to breakfast by the family that had stored the Caboose:

They were absolutely lovely:

This little girl is ¼ Uzbek, ¼ Tajik, ¼ Korean, and ¼ Russian, and isn’t she adorable:

Her father, Shurshid, was a guy with quite a few stories to tell, the latest one being that he had burn marks around his eyes ever since his banya had exploded on him two months ago:

He said he was happy that it had been him in that banya and not one of the kids:

I ended up staying all day:

We talked, ate, watched TV and posed for photos:

Then we went out for a group picture:

And when we tried to take a selfie together, the dog figured that he should also be on the photo:

This is one of my favorite shots ever.

I left after the sun had gone down, taking a cab back to Tashkent:

Then I went to the airport and got on a plane to Astana in Kazakhstan:

I needed a new visa for Uzbekistan.

And I wanted to take a few days off over New Year’s Eve.

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