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Astana feels like a cold Dubai. The buildings are high, there are glittering lights everywhere, and nothing is old or imperfect.

So I was very happy when I saw this little library/café:

Maybe there will be more charming places like this in the future.

Went to a pyramid and found out it was closed:

Okay, on to a massive mosque:

It was awesome:

They had an old, handwritten Qur’an on display, apparently a gift to the mosque by President Nazarbayev:

I was wondering for quite a while where he might have found it.

But then I chose to just enjoy the beauty of the place:

Oh, and women had to put on these cloaks:

Reminded me of Star Wars.

The President was very present in the National Museum as well:

And so was one of his colleagues:

I particularly enjoyed this crazy room:

And there was a copy of the so-called “Golden Man”, a burial ornament found near the town of Esik where I went a few months ago:

And then there were the ice-fishers:

They were catching little fish here…

…so they could take those little fish out to a lake later and catch some big fish with them:

It reminded me of Grumpy Old Men:

This guy had family in Cologne:

The river hardly ever froze over there in Cologne:

But it did here.

I flew back to Shymkent a few hours later.

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