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Hopped on a marshrutka to an ancient city called Turkestan today:

The ride took about three hours, and once I was there, I saw stuff that looked old and suspiciously new at the same time:

So I walked around a little until I found the main attraction of the place:


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The Mausoleum of Khawaja Ahmed Yasawi, a Sufi master from the 12th century. The structure had been mainly conceived by the infamous Timur, or Tamerlan:

I knew this guy’s name because he had been responsible for shaping the historical Samarkand, which had been the object of my desire for almost ten years now.

So I was happy.

I kept walking around…

…looking at all the details…

…and their reflections…

And I stayed until the sun went down:

…and the moon came up…

This was when I ran into Zhanabay, who was just on his way home from his job at the local museum:

He chatted with me until the last light of day was gone:

Then we went and had some shashlyk.

And I was happy.

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