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Ten in the morning, and I was here:

neighborhood of the Uzbek Embassy

And behind those buildings, the embassy of Uzbekistan:

Embassy of Uzbekistan

There was no line. No waiting time. No hassle. Just a friendly lady behind a counter who asked me for my paperwork. Her English was better than my Russian.

She told me to go to a certain bank and pay 75 US$. So I walked to the bank:

way to the bank

I marked the embassy and the bank on the map for your reference (and also so you can see how far it was, haha).

And then…

got the visa!

I got my visa!

I tried unsuccessfully to take a picture of myself with my precious in a mirror:

got the visa

And here’s my victory speech:


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Then I walked home to the hotel.

It was a long way.

I came past a door that was marked as “91”:

door number 91

I wondered where the other ninety doors were.

I walked through a park that looked quite nice in the snow:

snow in Bishkek

And then I had another serving of that good borscht soup that I love so much:


There’s only one teeny tiny thing: I am not a big fan of dill, but I guess I’m slowly getting used to it.

  • Patrick

    Are you concerned about the future ongoings in east turkey or any of these rather “unknown” places like turkmenistan? I myself planned to do the same route but towards china (and not on foot) and now im getting worried as there have been a lot of small “attacks” in east turkey, especially on easy targets like trains etc. and our federal foreign office has given strict warnings (van, border iran …)


  • 徐井宏

    鸡年快乐,merry chrismas


  • 徐井宏



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