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Why my interest in Mülheim, you ask?

Well, let me tell you why: it is because of the German punk band Lokalmatadore. They are from here. And I like them very much.

So today I went down to the river and found a place to sit down:

next to river Ruhr

Then I put in some of their all-time classics:

the good life

And it was epic.

I am not sure why this has so much value to me. I remember trying to find traces of the Descendents when I was visiting in Hermosa Beach in 1999. Maybe in my heart I know that music just sounds different in a place that is connected to it.

Anyway, I walked past one of the places where the Lokalmatadore had apparently performed before:

Mülheim scene

And thanks to the guy working the reception in my hotel, I knew where to find Erika’s Braterei, a food place they had dedicated a whole song to:

Erika's Braterei

I went in, knowing full well that the ownership had changed, and that I was merely looking at the remains of what once had been:

in the Braterei

Still, I felt the breath of history.

It smelled like french fries.

So I requested an order of currywurst with fries and ketchup:

fries and currywurst

And then I got on my way.

The rest of the day was a nightmare of trains that were running late, trains that couldn’t be reached, and trains that were cancelled:

Deutsche Bahn fail

At one point I was actually wondering if “German punctuality” had maybe deteriorated to being nothing but a cliché.

I made it to my relatives’ place anyway, and when I got there, I had a nice dinner:


A good way to end the day.

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