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I was terrified when my grandma called and said she had notified all of her friends of this live TV show that I was supposed to appear on later that day.

way to TV

Oh please, no! I thought.

“How nice!” I told my grandma.

Then my other grandma called to tell me the exact same thing: she had also notified all of her friends.

“How nice!” I told my other grandma.

Then I went to Hamburg, found the TV studio and sat around backstage of the show:

DAS! backstage

They had all kinds of drinks and snacks there. There was a whole bunch of chocolate just ready for the taking. But I was unable to eat anything except for a banana and an apple. I was too nervous.

Then they called me into the studio and we took a picture right before we recorded the show:

DAS! photos

The show was called “DAS!” and it was basically just an interview on a big red couch. Here’s a link (in German): DAS! mit Christoph Rehage

I haven’t watched it yet, but people tell me that they think it went alright.

After the show I was asked to write something into their guest book:

DAS! guestbook

I told myself to come up with something unique and awesome like “I just sat where DJ Bobo had sat before”, but then I just wrote: “it was nice”.

Because it was.

Later that night I went to a birthday bash.

There was food and drink, and the girls were pretty. I felt good.

Then I walked around Hamburg:

Hamburg at night

It was very late:

Hamburg water at night

And I walked around for a long time:

Elbphilharmonie at night

Hamburg was a good place.

The night was beautiful.

And life was good.

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