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Today I woke up, had two yoghurts and a bottle of water, and then I went and did my physiotherapy.

It was good.

After this I walked around a little, until at some point I started thinking about a discussion I had had a while ago with an American dude I know. Something about “Islam needs reforms” – and I suddenly felt the urge to go into a rant.

Do it, this voice in my head told me: rant, rant, raaaaaaaant!

So I walked around some more, and then I came to this place here:

place of rant

I had found it a few days before (I marked it for you on the map), and it had seemed like a perfectly good place to stand around, wag my finger in the air and talk angrily about stuff.

So this is what I did:


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If you don’t like looking at people rant, I recommend that you don’t watch this video.

May peace be with you and your friends.

  • kevin

    Interesting. The guy probably meant Islam needs to reform itself – which I would agree with. But it isn’t up to me – an agnostic – to do it. When the Catholic Church wouldn’t reform – well, that’s where we got the Lutherans and Protestants. Since then, some of those Pope guys have reformed the church. Anyway, I encourage you to listen to some of Sam Harris’ podcasts on this subject.


  • Maria Grimus

    Well, it seems that even reforms can´t stop roman catholicism from a slow motion death. I don´t even blame muslim fundamentalists for being the way they are. Just look a bit back in time. When Christianity was about the same age that Islam is now, they fought their biggest battles missionizing great parts of the world. It´s not a past to be proud of, but it can´t be denied. Maybe it turns out in a 200 years time that every fundamentalism is erased from the Islam? Who can ever tell.


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