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Hello everyone!

TLW shirt

I bet you didn’t know about making books in Chinese: sometimes you get your own shirts!

Isn’t that awesome?

Anyway, I am very happy to present to you the new TLW 2.0 video:


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I called it “Back to Xinjiang” because it is about the way I walked in 2010 and 2012, from Ürümqi to the border at Khorgas.

I went for a different look this time though. Less beards, more scenery:

TLW 2.0 timelapse

And here I am, at home, looking at footage of my feet:

TLW 2.0 feet

Hoping that they will feel the desert sand again soon.

(If you want to find out more about the video, go here!)

  • JamesRancho

    This is really fun. Looking for someone to share an adventure


  • paulo rogerioi

    I loved this adventure. I’m from Brazil and i live im a city called Caruaru (near Recife – Capital of Pernambuco state). I’d like you come here and walk all Brazil and come to the my city and go to some beaches (I have a small house in Tamandaré beach)


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