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Today was our last day in this beautiful part of the world.

We got on a plane:


And flew over the desert and the mountains. Parts of the land looked like the ones I had walked through before:


Then we reached Ürümqi.

We came in low over the city:

Ürümqi from above

And we crossed the exact same road that I had walked down two years ago:

road to the West

It had been a good summer that year.

And this year?

Maybe even better.

  • lorenzbott

    really fascinating to read your blog all those years. do you continue next year where you stopped this time? can’t wait to see more of it….


  • John

    What a loser! I can’t believe this guy actually is allowed to exist on this planet! The second Hitler he is SO self centred. Grow up brother!


  • Nico


    normally I would say that people like you do not deserve to get any attention, as all you seem to have learned, is trolling around.

    But you compared Christoph with Hitler for no clear reason.
    I am pretty sure that characters who feel as small and insignificant like you do and who try to compensate that by attacking others for their superior abilities, are more likely to become gruesome tyrants and mass murderers than anybody else.

    Hopefully you will find a good job soon, so that your self-confidence can grow. Maybe then you get an idea of how one has to behave properly.

    All the best,


  • Alfredo

    I had not checked your blog for a few months. So cool you went to Hotan. I was there some twenty years ago. It was the furthest we got into Xinjiang; from there we got on a small propeller plane back to Urumqi. I remember it got very hot in the afternoons, and we found an ice-cream parlor that had vanilla ice-cream and an orange colored drink in big (750cl) glass bottles. We spent most of the afternoon holed up there. I had the idea then thatI ought to write a travel memoir (“The Ice-cream parlor at the end of the desert”), but I am not as good at these things as you are :-). It was harder to get out to the ruins then, and I did not get to see them. Too bad, because I like the desert, too, and there is a great book that Aurel Stein wrote about his discovery of these ruins, in 1901 or so, I believe – you end up feeling a connection to these places just through his writing, and it is even greater when you get to see them.
    Anyway, always great to hear from you!


  • Jerry Ke

    Hey dude
    I just heard the interview news introduced you form radio in Taiwan, what a plan, Walking for a long distance, recorded what you see,it must be a amazing trip, Keep Walking,Take care


  • Antony

    Hi Christoph,
    sounds like you have had some amazing adventures again on your travels but I must admit I have lost the plot, not mine but yours! Lol.
    I just checked your ‘Plan’ to see if it had been updated with a short summary of just what you are doing now exactly, please update if you find the time for us followers that can’t quite keep up with you!



  • Jane

    It has been 5 years after your journey, but it is in this evening that I finish your book . I could not have known you, but now and in the future I will not loss you. Your are 「小流氓」, I am your reader. Best wishes! Marry Christmas!


  • Christopher Shifflett

    I’ve been considering the equivalent to what you’ve done for years, now and have just now stumbled upon your story. It’s always a massive inspiration to see others do it.
    What’s up with people with the name Chris wanting to make a journey like that? haha first Chris McCandless, now you. Even more odd, you look a lot like myself. Anyway, in any event, I applaud ya, man.
    Take care, buddy.


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