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The city wall of Hotan wasn’t very old:

new old wall

Only some parts of it were:

old old wall

It was weird to think that maybe this statue was older than the main gate of the city wall:


(Note how tall the man on the right is compared to the other guy, lol.)

One of the local specialties of this place is roasted baozi 烤包子, but it is bigger here than in the places where I’d tried it before.

Much bigger:

Hotan roasted baozi

You don’t just eat it like a bun, but you crack it open first:


It was a messy ordeal.

We took a cab out to the ruins of Melikawat 玛利克瓦提, some 20km South of the city:

Melikawat ruins

What had been a local center of Buddhism lay now completely in ruins, much like Jiaohe and Gaochang in Northern Xinjiang.

We weren’t really able to properly appreciate the ruins themselves:


But we liked the lizards:


And another thing about the ruins was interesting: they were right next to the Yurungkash 玉龙喀什河 (or White Jade River 白玉河), one of the most renown places of jade production in China.

And still, people were trying to find the precious stones.

Large scale:

White Jade River

And small scale:


I told our taxi driver that I wanted to go dig out some jade of my own, but he told me to forget it. I would have to be a pro. Or extremely patient. Or extremely lucky.

Then there was the Hetaowang 核桃王 – the “King of Walnuts”:

King of Walnuts

A very old and massive walnut tree.

We hung out in the grove for a while:


Then we went to into the desert:

desert road

The Taklamakan 塔克拉玛干 was right outside of the city:

tree line

So we walked around in it for a little while:



Dario in the desert


shooting in the desert

Those of you who have been with me all these years probably know how much I enjoy being in the desert.

And this one was particularly nice:

the brave one

We had fun in the dunes:


And we filmed all of it – the sand, the wind and ourselves:


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It was good.

Good to be here.

Good to have a friend with me.

Then we checked out the bazaar. It seemed a bit more interesting than that of Kashgar:

market scene

More messy:


More classy:


More of everything:


We went back to the night market while some of the other people were carrying home their goods:

the carpet

And there, at the night market, we had one last epic meal.

Our last one in Xinjiang.

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