dessert in the desert

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Yes, I know it’s a tacky title.


We took a train ride along the Southern rim of the Taklamakan desert today.

From Kashgar to Hotan in a bit more than 9 hours:


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Cup noodles in the hard sleeper compartment of a train:

train ride


When we reached Hotan, it was already late:


People were dancing and playing ball on a public square:


Others were playing video games:

video games

While yet others were having food:


We went for some more noodles:

food vendor

Got some sort of walnut cake:


And then there was the SINGLE BEST dessert ever:

Uyghur zongzi

They just called it zongzi 粽子 (a typical Chinese dish made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves). But this one was different from all the other zongzi: the Uyghurs added a Chinese red date to it and some sort of yoghurt, then they topped it off with honey:

dish of zongzi

OMG I have no way of describing just how TASTY this was!!

I had five servings.

Then we went home.


I could hardly walk.

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