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There’s a livestock market here every sunday.
Ok, some cows, some sheep, maybe a camel. No big deal, you would think.
But certain travel guides have it listed as one of the BEST things to see in ALL of China.

So we went to check it out:

livestock market

There were old dudes…


…making money:




…in different forms:




…and tasty vegetables:


Some dudes looked like they were grumpy over their business…


…while I was having a great time taking pictures of it all:

taking photos

(also note the look on the cow’s face)

Here’s a video of a tough kid, of some sheep, and of some dudes trying to get a cow on a truck:


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Then we went back to the city to look at the mausoleum of Abakh Khoja:

Mausoleum of Abakh Khoja

17th century. Nice.

old building

We didn’t stay long.

Instead, we went even further downtown:


The bazaar was calling:


We were trying to do everything in one day. So we just rushed through the bazaar:


Remember I told you about the reconstruction of Kashgar’s old town?

Well, here’s some of the more original structure:

old structures

And some of it was even more original:

old house

There wasn’t much of this old stuff left though:

top view

Construction everywhere:

green glass

Up above…


…and down below:


Some of the new buildings looked rather nice though:

tree in building

At least they were decorated:

red flag

But that’s not what I liked best about Kashgar.

Those of you who have read my books (or been to my presentations) already know what I am going to say:

The one thing that I liked best about this place were the children.

They were everywhere.

Riding their bikes:


Digging in the dirt:


Leaving their handprints:

hand prints

Running around:

running kid

Coming in and out of doors:


Playing with their friends:

two little Uyghurs

Saying hi to us:

little friend

Or having fun with our cameras:

discussing photos

I could show you so many more photographs.

Pictures of melons:


Pictures of love:


Pictures of work:

back alley

Pictures of religious men:

walking dude

Pictures of new “old” city walls:

new old wall

And pictures of refrigerators:


I took pictures of things that people buy:


…like shoes:


…or pillow cases:

colorful stuff

…or purses:

underpass vendor

Some of the pictures contained warnings:

anti-aids slogan

“Prevent Aids and make a happy family 预防艾滋病,健康全家人”

Others seemed a bit ironic:

propaganda slogan

“Let’s all work together to build a harmonious new home 你我大家同参与,建设和谐新家园”

We wandered around the place until it was late at night:

night scene

Then we found our favorite restaurant and had a good serving of noodles:

This restaurant owner was very friendly

We were going to leave this city tomorrow.

And we both knew we were going to miss it.

A lot.

  • 小笨

    I don’t think it is a good idea to tear all the old buildings to reconstruct. At least we should be more careful and thoughtful in the course of social changes.
    The kids are cute. Thank you for these pictures.
    Excuse me, may I ask why’you think the third-last picture is a bit ironic? 😛


  • Joshua

    Uzbekistan ?


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