Germans looking at dancers

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My visa wasn’t ready yet. No big deal, just one more day of waiting.

We walked around in South Lake Park 南湖公园 for a while:


The municipal administration was there:

administrative building

Some apartment buildings:


And a couple of horses that we initially mistook for cows:

with horses

Later that night, we met up with my good friend Zhu Hui whom I hadn’t seen in two years:

Zhu Hui

Of course we couldn’t break with our tradition – hot pot it was:


Zhu Hui told me to sell more books so I could continue walking:

Wise words.

Later that night, we went back to the park:

green leaves

It was shiny and nice:

Sphinxy thing

The administration was sparkling:


And so were the apartment buildings next to the lake:


People were dancing:


…and they were dancing literally everywhere:

One question: why do we Germans rarely dance on public squares?

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