where did my hair dresser go?

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The visa application had been accepted.

All we could do was wait.

So we wandered around town, much like these guys:

Ferrari family

Went to Erdaoqiao 二道桥, the Grand Bazaar that I had visited two years ago and seen from afar four years ago:

Grand Bazaar

And this time, we decided to climb the tower and get an overview of the city:


Here’s a video:

There was a ladder that led to a higher level of the tower.


Someone had sawed off the lower steps, and there were footprints all over the wall:


We decided to pass.

Then we checked out the bazaar:


The back streets seemed more interesting though:


My hair and my beard were starting to annoy me.
So we took a cab to the north of the city and looked for my favorite hair salon.

But it wasn’t there anymore:


We wandered around for a while, then gave up and we went to a different hair dresser:


We had a date with my good friend Uncle Shen in that area.

He took us to a nice Uyghur restaurant:

Uyghur restaurant

Not only did it have luxurious decor:


But it also served very tasty lamb sticks:

lamb sticks

Then we walked through the night, looking for a place to drink:

massage parlors

Walked past a restaurant that served “big plate of dog meat 大盘狗肉”:

dog meat place

And found a place that seemed more likable:

with Uncle Shen

Good times.

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