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First thing in the morning:

waiting ticket

Go to the central police station and grab a number.

Being number 2 on the list, it seemed as though I was much luckier this time than the last time I had tried to get a visa extension here.

We spent the rest of the day walking around central Ürümqi.

Through its quiet back streets:

back alley

Under its tall shiny buildings:

high rise

And past the few traces of its subculture:


It was the same as in many other Chinese cities:

night street

It got most fun at night.

  • Robert

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration and your adventure. I wish you all the best. Perhaps use your courage, artistry, and sense of adventure to help others (like making a video of one project of Medicin Sans Frontiers, etc).

    I rode freight trains years before I became a doctor and worked in places like Cambodia and Sudan, when they were rough. They were good years. Now I have too much money, too much leisure, and dream about the old days! Especially young social life. Do it all for me!

    Robert xxxx MD, MPH, stardoc77@aol.com.


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