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We only had half a day, but Lei Sheng made sure we didn’t waste it.

He took us to the oil city of Dushanzi 独山子, one of the richest places in the country, complete with sporting facilities:

sporting area

And I mean awesome sporting facilities:

basketball court

Lei Sheng had a Taekwondo school there:

Lei Sheng's Taekwondo club bid us welcome

Then we said our good-byes and caught our ride to Ürümqi:


They were showing “Lost On Journey 人在冏途” on the bus, a funny film that brought to mind the 1987 John Hughes classic “Plains, Trains and Automobiles”.

So we laughed our way to Ürümqi, until we reached it late at night:

Ürümqi train station

We had been luckier than the characters in the movie.

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