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Early in the morning, we hopped in a cab:

cab ride

The driver was apparently an MJ enthusiast:

He dropped us off at the train station, then he vanished in a bubble of disco music:

Yining train station

After a bunch of meticulous security checks (x-ray and all), we had to walk through a storage area:

postal service

Somewhere behind it, there was our train:


It turned out a pretty long ride during which I fell asleep in my seat next to a very fat lady, while miles and miles of the Gobi desert were rushing past us:

train window

Here’s a video of the train ride:

When we got to the city of Kuytun, it was almost dark.

My friend Lei Sheng was there. He took us out to dinner in a yurt:

dinner with friends

It was the exact same yurt from more than a month ago.

I still found it hard to believe that I had walked to the end of China.

That the Middle Kingdom was now behind me.

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