the feeling of home

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Same old story: my visa was about to run out.
I needed an extension ,and I was going to go to Ürümqi to get one, so first I needed a ticket.
It took me a while, then I found a train that was going to leave the next day.

ticket office

But first, we went to the post office to mail some of our things home:

post office

The tent. The heavy boots. Stuff like that.

It was going to be our last night meal here. So at night, we went out to look for another market:


And we found a market:

But it didn’t have the things that we wanted.

So we wandered around a little more until we found this place:

night market

There was this couple operating a food stand:


They had been doing this for many years, and not only were they good at it (the food was great), but they had something very familiar about them:


A feeling of home.

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