sheep wars

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Today, the sky was blue again. I decided to wander around in the mountains, and I felt that the only way to do this properly was with baroque in my ear.

So CPE Bach it was.

I walked slowly:


Sometimes what I saw reminded me of the Alps:

trees and lake

And sometimes it reminded me of something else:

tree stump

Everything was good. Nothing was important. My feet felt comfortable, and they knew they didn’t have to walk very far today.

happy feet

I was high atop the lake:


This beautiful pearl of a lake:

blue lake

But I wasn’t alone. Some Mongol herders were there, renting out horses for tourists to ride on:


I liked them, but unfortunately, the influx of people didn’t go without the inevitable traces:


I decided not to think about it. Instead, I went looking for horses and cows:

horse and cow

And for sheep:

running sheep

And when I found the sheep, I said hello to one of them. “Bah,” was his answer.

So we battled it out:

I knew it was stupid. But he started it.

Tasting the sweetness of victory, I slowly made my way home to the hotel:


I was worried about tomorrow. But it was not going to be a problem.

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