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Everything is done.

Nothing can be changed.

My books are both in the printing press right now:

order number 550447

We went to check out the whole process the other day:

printint company

I was surprised to find out that parts of the printing company’s hallways had a sort of “youthful” flavor to them:


Which was a good thing I guess.

green girl

People who enjoy pretty things should be good at making books right?

They took us to the area where they stored their MASSIVE amounts of paper:


But that wasn’t enough for them at all. They were always getting more:

paper delivery

Apparently, a 600kg roll of paper doesn’t last them very long when the machines are running at top speed:

big fat paper

I didn’t understand much of what was going on, but it was all very exciting. Overwhelming even. So I was very happy when I found out that even in a printing company like this, with their huge equipment and all, they still have an inkjet standing around somewhere:

small printer

Anyway, after the first steps of the printing process are done, the book comes out like this:


Almost like a set of Siamese Twins, two freshly printed books are always connected to each other…

siamese twins

…only to become separated later:


This means that if you happen to get your hands on one of my books later on, you can be sure that somewhere out there, it has a twin.

I like that thought very much.


They were printing my book covers today…


…in a press that was about as big as the apartment I live in, and which took a bunch of people to operate:


It was all very complicated and awesome, with different sets of printing plates…


…and shiny things that looked so pretty I wanted to touch them:


But of course I didn’t.

When the prints finally came out of the belly of that epic machine, I felt weird:


In fact, I felt a bit like an impostor. How could all these people go through so much trouble, just to publish my books?

Here’s a video of that wonderful day:


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  • Steven



  • Elena

    Hmm…interesting and nice to see. Now I even don’t think that they are expensive!:D


  • Nico

    Hello Christoph,

    I envy you for having been able to see the whole process with your own eyes.
    Such kinds of machines are amazing. During DRUPA 2004 I was a guest at a presentation of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen where they showed how fast their machines can be. Impressive!

    Now your great books are finally produced on similar machines and I can take them in my hands very soon. I am looking forward to this.

    Best regards,


  • Alex S.

    Sehr schöne Maschinen. Mein Vater ist Drucker aber an etwas kleineren Maschinen. Ich war oft in der Firma – sehr laut aber es ist immer wieder interessant wie aus einem haufen Papier dann ein Buch entsteht.
    Das es zu Deinem Buch immer einen Zwilling gibt ist ja klasse.
    Ich war gerade auf Amazon weil ich irgendwas mit ‘Anfang Juni’ zum Erscheinungstermin im Kopf hatte aber dort hab ich gesehen das es ‘4. JuLi’ ist. Einen ganzen Monat noch warten…. Ich halts nicht mehr aus 🙂


  • Ailbhe O'Daly

    You may remember me as the Irish girl who did the Gaeilge translation for you. I’ve only logged on to the website now after an absence of about 18 months and I’m so impressed with what’s been going on in your life. Congratulations on the book, it really looks incredible. Will it be translated to English because I really want to read it. I have a classroom full of 8 year old children who I’m going to show the blog and beard video to, I bet they’ll love it! Congratulations once again and long may your success last!


  • Fiona

    Just stumbled upon one of your videos on youtube, what an amazing project! I’m looking forward to learning more from your books, and entertaining the thought of it having a twin somewhere. When is the release, June 17th?


  • Christoph

    Steven: I love them!
    Elena: Oh, I was hoping someone would say that. 🙂
    Nico: Yes, everything was so exciting!
    Alex S.: Müsste eigentlich seit heute erhältlich sein, weiß auch nicht, warum die von Amazon so lahm sind. 🙁
    Ailbhe O’Daly: Yes, of course I remember! I hope we can make an English version soon! 🙂 Oh, and another thing – your Irish fellows singing at the match against Spain… so beautiful!
    Fiona: Yes, they are out today! 🙂


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