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There’s an end to everything … even the sweetest summer vacation.

So, upon returning to Changji today, I decided to finally get rid of my shoes:


Remember how sad I was when I had to say good-bye to the Caboose? Well this time, I wasn’t very unhappy at all, mainly because those shoes and me had never been a very good fit anyway. Besides, I don’t think I will need them in the near future.

There are no walking plans for the next one or two years.

I must continue my studies, pass Russian III and IV, hustle through History of Ancient Greece and Rome, and survive Theory of Slavic Literatures. There is a paper on (Guan Yu) to be written, and some stuff about F. Kafka and F. Dostoyevsky. And then there is the final thesis, which I have no clue about as of yet. Phew…

But besides all that, I have accepted a book deal with a German publisher.

This is of course awesome news, but it means that now I must write, write, write, write, write and then write some more.

I’ll try to keep posting stuff though. Not here, but on Slower Pulse and on BookSlap, on Twitter and on Facebook.

And whenever I see something nice, I’ll try to take a picture:


Life is good.

I hope yours is, too!

  • Anto-San

    Hi Christoph,
    great news is that about the book deal, many congratulations. Hope all goes well and look forward to seeing it on the bookshelves in the near future. Will there be an english translation?

    Also, have really enjoyed your posts on here and your images/timelapse vids, it’s been nice following your journey up until now and I’m sure the adventure will continue.

    Good Luck with your future endeavours.
    All the best

    It’s been a long time since I read ‘Crime and Punishment’ by Dostoyevsky but what a cracking and thought provoking read it was.


  • Josh

    I will definitley get an example of Your book. Whatever the content will be.



  • Alex S.

    Ohhhh, so now we must wait years to see the 5000km dance… ;(
    I’m really happy about the book deal, I hope it will be a very big one with many of your awesome photos and stories.

    btw: I read your twitter post ‘…Myang Chu Gtsang Po is the A-BOMB OF AWESOMENESS. “Sems Pa Skyo Dgos Min ‘Dug” forever and ever!!’. Where can i find this music? I can’t find infos about it in the internet…


  • Woods

    Hope you’ll still post some of your photos. I really like your style.
    Good luck with all that writting, maybe buy a good pen not to get blisters on your fingers too ! 😀
    — Woods


  • Andreas

    Hey great news! How is the book going to be called?
    The longest way? or Christoph trips across China? haha.


  • Christoph

    Anto-San: Oh, first I’ll have to finish writing it, then we’ll see about any possible translations! 🙂
    Josh: Thanks dude, I appreciate it!
    Alex S.: Didn’t know you guys liked the dances that much?
    Woods: Writing on my pink MacBook! Ha!!
    Andreas: Don’t know about the title yet. The dork-walk?


  • Jaime Machin

    I forgot to say… HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE WESTERN WORLD! lol 🙂


  • Racha

    i hope that your book will one day have a french or english version,i am definitly looking forward to reading it.

    good sucess with studies and everything else along the road.

    thanks again for sharing your journey.


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