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We went to a place called Tianchi today.
It’s a mountain lake situated in the east of Ürümqi:

This is one of the most famous places in all of China, and I had always been wanting to see it, especially since Wu Jiang (is this the end?) had shown me pictures of his own trip to the lake once.

So we made the ascent:

near Tianchi

Under trees, green and golden:

blue sky

Through spraying waters:


Then we were there:

green water

The beautiful Tianchi (or: Yaochi 瑶池 – Jade Lake) is the site where, according to the legends, Xiwangmu 西王母 (Queen Mother of the West) once fell in love with King Mu of the Zhou 周穆王, some three thousand years ago:

mountain lake

It is said that King Mu never returned, and that Xiwangmu has been broken-hearted ever since:


We returned to the city eventually, and went to a place that I had passed by two years ago:

Ürümqi bazaar

We walked around in the bazaar for a while:

stuff for sale

And I found…



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