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My friends Wang Chan and Ding Bo from Kuytun invited me to their pediatric counseling center today.

It was awesome:

pediatric counseling center

I really needed some counseling actually, because I was being constantly worried about my passport problem: the stupid visa was about to expire within two days! And even though I wasn’t going to walk anymore for now, I still had some other plans in store.

So I needed to rush back to Ürümqi, the capital of Xinjiang.

Zhu Hui took this picture of me trying to get on a train:


Inside of the train, everything was all pink, which was pretty awesome:

pink compartment

Once I got to Ürümqi, I felt a bit lonely:

Ürümqi train station

I walked around the Northern part of the city for about two hours, looking for a hotel to spend the next few days, but most places were either too expensive or wouldn’t host foreigners.

When I finally found a place to stay, my old friend Uncle Shen turned up out of nowhere to take me out to eat.

He listened to my police stories, laughed, and poured a glass of Chinese liquor 白酒.

“Shit like this happens every once in a while.” he said, “you must learn to keep your cool, young man!”

Then he told me about his plans to ride his bike all the way down to Hainan in the South of the country. He would be leaving tomorrow.

I knew I would miss him, too.

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