prelude, interlude, or leisure?

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Just how am I going to tag this post? I guess I am in the process of preparing for something.

First things first though: I had been in Vladivostok for a month, and now I was back in China, in Changchun 长春. So this morning I took a cab to the airport, because I wanted to go back to Ürümqi.

cab ride to the airport

Little did I know that my flight was going to land in Taiyuan 太原, a place very close to my original route through Shanxi:


Anyway, I made it to my destination in the early afternoon:

baggage claim

This was a bit weird. Last time I was here, I didn’t exactly feel very happy.

Today it was different though – I was excited to be back:

Ürümqi airport

Uncle Shen and Zhu Hui (friends) were there.

Uncle Shen and Zhu Hui

“Dude, you gained weight!!” they said.

“Well, I have about one month to lose some of it!” I answered.

We all laughed.

Then we went out to drink.

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