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When I wanted to update my site today, there was – nothing.

My web host had decided to take my server offline, apparently because I was “causing too much traffic”.

Here’s my mind:

orange wall

– a total blank.

What do I know about all this stuff?

I had originally come up with a site-design that I liked through the help of my good friend Jia Meng (sheep treatment), and then I had paid a guy in Beijing to take what we had done and make it into a website on a server that I was going to rent.

So far so good.

But the guy did only about half of the job (just look at the archive page to get an idea), kept coming up with new deadlines and excuses, and then eventually disappeared into oblivion, nowhere to be found again.

Juli says I am a stupid egg, says I shouldn’t have paid the dude until the job was completely done. I think she’s right, I am a stupid egg.

So here I am, my last days here in Sanya are very beautiful, and I suddenly have something new to worry about.

…”too much traffic” … how could 300 visitors a day cause too much traffic? Maybe there are more visitors or RSS-subscribers that google analytics doesn’t take into account? Maybe my site is being hacked into? Maybe all the spam comments I keep on refusing are clogging up the server? Maybe I have just too many pictures and I should outsource them to a storage service?

So many questions, and I have absolutely no answers.

All I know is how to walk and maybe take some pictures and some notes while I’m walking. But what do I know about this website stuff?

Resolution of the day: I am going to have to find someone to take care of my site.

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