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Yalong Bay 亚龙湾 is probably the most famous beach in Sanya:


Luckily though, its location 15km east of town seem to be able to shield it off from the tourist masses that usually crowd up other beaches like Dadonghai (russians too):

Yalong Beach

Some parts of Yalong Bay are actually very quiet and have an almost deserted feel to them:


How romantic, one probably thinks, but then suddenly the eye locks on the silhouette of the ship lurking right behind the picturesque little fishing boats:


Smells like “military restricted area 军事禁区”:

military restricted area

There it is, beautifully restricted, right next to the holiday inn and the crown plaza hotel.

Well, the Russians don’t seem to be bothered by it:

sleeping dude

So why should we?

There’s a hilltop near Sanya from where you’re supposed to get a good view on the whole city:

Sanya sunset

We went there at sundown…


…and looked at all the kitsch that Nature had laid out before us:


I did another one of those things where I line up pictures and make them into a short film:


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I like doing that, it’s very enjoyable.

There is a statue of a deer and a girl on the hilltop, it’s called Luhuitou 鹿回头 :

Luhuitou statue

According to the legend, an ancient hunter follows a dear for many days, and when he finally traps it down at the southern coast of the island, the deer turns its head and then transforms into a beautiful girl for the hunter to take home and marry.

And they lived happily ever after.

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