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This is a leaf from the rain forest:


This is a weird fruit from the rain forest:


And here’s a huge spider, also from the rain forest:


I think including its legs it was about as large as my hand (not just my palm!), but I didn’t go near to take a more exact measurement.

Sanya is technically located in the tropical belt, so if one gets tired of swimming and bronzing on the beach all the time, there is a whole lot of amusement to be found in one of the parks playing on the rain forest theme:


The one we went to was called Yanuoda 呀诺达, a large-scale eco-tourism project that has just recently opened its doors to the public.

I thought the place was cool. They had wild bananas:


And waterfalls:


Besides, most of the trails were quite fun to walk:


Maybe the reason why I liked it so much was because I had walked through so much desert during the last couple of months?

Well I don’t know, but the jungle was impressive anyhow:


…what is the downside to almost any good place though?

Right, after a while there are just too many people who know about it.

And here’s what happens then:

Yay, it’s our own little stampede!

Maybe the rain forest can take it though?

yellow leaves

Or maybe she can’t…

There was a place called Binlang Valley 槟榔谷 nearby, and it was supposed to be like some kind of open-air museum about local folklore and minority traditions, so we went to check it out:

Binlang Valley

Well, it sucked.

One souvenir shop after the other, some sloppy kung fu shows and a couple of boring attractions like “the traditional li-wedding” that charged tenacious extra fees.

I didn’t even bother to take any pictures, except for the single most disgusting thing I saw:

killing of fish

This is an “attraction” where you can try to throw little bamboo spears at live fish that dwell in a little pond. They have no way of escaping, and the ones that have been hit are just being left in there. Surprisingly enough, the fish-massacre is one of the few things free of charge in this place.

Okay, there was one thing I found pretty enjoyable though:

tree dude

This one dude could climb up trees really freakin’ fast!

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