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We got up at five for a last visit at the sand dunes of the Crescent Moon Spring Indiana Jones).

The sunrise was supposed to be very beautiful.

…but when we got there, the weather was absolutely nasty, and so were the people at the ticket counter:

“No student discounts for foreigners!”

ticket check at the Moon Crescent Spring

What the hell? I swore at them and their understanding of this year’s Olympic motto  “One World, One Dream 同一个世界,同一个梦想” for a little while, then we just went back.

We had to pack our stuff.

And then we went to the airport:

Dunhuang airport

Dunhuang is the only place within hundreds of miles that has an airport. There are two planes to the capital each day.

We got on one of them, it took off at 11:40…

flight to Beijing

…and had landed by 14:40. One…two…three hours in the air vs. nine months on foot.

When we got to Beijing, the Games were already there:

Olympic team

The whole airport was swarming with volunteers, mostly university students who were adept at foreign languages to a certain extent:


Besides the volunteers, there were also myriads of reporters…


…and fans:


Now you’re probably wondering about the infamous air quality around the Olympic venues these days.

In one word: it’s just terrible.

The Chinese West had been hot too, but with both the merits of big blue skies and cooling winds to soothe the sunburns.

Here in the capital, it’s about the same temperature as in the West – but it’s as humid and damp as a laundromat, while at the same time leaving you with the attractive feeling a sticky dirt film on your skin:

view from my window

Sure there are less cars. Because you can tell cars to go away.

But can you tell the weather to just go and change?

Robozwerg says:

“See the girl on the picture with the ‘Kobe’ sign? It was supposed to say ‘Robo Love MVP’ but she made a mistake with the letters. I forgave her and wrote my autograph on her shirt anyway.”

  • Hermann

    Immer 'ne Überraschung in der Hinterhand, wie??? – Und danach? Weiter tippeln? Mal wieder 'ne Woche nach München? Oder wie oder was? Viel Spaß bei der dreieinhalbstündigen Eröffnungsfeier mit 15000 Tänzern….


  • Florian (Flo Li Anh,

    Was n das jetzt für ne Verarsche?
    Gestern las ich "a final sightseeing tour…"
    und heute doch schon wieder "visit" hier, und
    Flug nach dort…
    Wie soll das denn noch enden?
    Nee nee nee. Nachher müssen wir uns noch wo anders nach Wanderabenteuern ausschau halten. Da geht man doch lieber selbst auf Piste…


  • Momo

    Florian, sieh das doch mal sportlich. Bei der Bundeswehr hätte man gesagt: "DAS MUSS SCHNELLER GEHN! NOCH-MAAAAAAL!"

    Also hat der Gute sich in den Flieger gesetzt, ist zurück geflogen und… naja. Nochmal halt. 🙂

    Robo, ich kanns verstehen, ich hätte der Kleinen auch verziehen. Wo hast du das Autogramm hin gemacht?


  • jule

    hey, ich beneide euch, dass ihr dabei sein könnt!! ich wäre an eurer stelle auf jeden fall auch wieder nach peking zurück geflogen… viel spaß und mach doch auch mal beim dressur reiten ein paar schöne bilder! 🙂


  • Freddy

    I don't think it's fair to just call the weather in Beijing "terrible". Germany, as well as many countries in the EU, don't have those factory that deal with dirty or toxic stuff. The companies there move lots of these to countries like China and Vietnam. You'll find it more terrible if you go to some cities with more heavy industry. That's why my first impression of Beijing was "the air is clean but too dry". Maybe you'll find it dirty and wet.

    Haha, I am not arguing. I am now in a city that's much cleaner than Beijing. But I think this problem is indeed no big deal.

    Anyway, I am quite curious in what you did and saw in Beijing in these few days. Btw, the opening ceremony was REALLY VERY GOOD!


  • Barry aka Ba Lli

    Wolltest Du eigentlich auch ernstlich mal in Nenndorf ankommen?
    Ok, wenn ich da wohnen würde, würde ich wahrscheinlich auch noch mal nach Beijing fliegen. Nur schade, dass da auch nichts los ist.

    P.S. In der Wüste steppt der Bär


  • Christoph

    Hermann: Danach… mal gucken!
    Florian (Flo Li Anh, 開花): "Verarsche" ??
    Momo: Robozwerg genießt und schweigt.
    jule: Hehe, leider keine Tickets. 🙁
    Freddy: I get your point. But on the other hand I really don't think that there is anything "fair" or "unfair" about the weather. During the two years I've spent in Beijing, only very few days have had pleasant weather – mostly in autumn. The hot and humid summer days with their blanket of dust and smog over the city are just a fact. It might be manmade to a certain extent, but I believe that the geographical surroundings of the city play a major role in this, so there is probably only a very limited array of actions that people can take out to improve this situation. Maybe it's like asking for a warm winter in 黑龙江, or wanting snow in 海南 – it's just not possible without a huge amount of luck. 🙂
    Barry aka Ba Lli: Nenndorf? Hab ich Nenndorf gesagt? Ich meinte doch Peking!


  • Florian (Flo Li Anh,

    Genau Ba Lli, in der Wüste steppt der Bär, und nirgendwo sonst!


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