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Sunday – no passport applications today.

So basically all I did was hang around at Xiaohei’s place.

The poor guy had been working heaps of overtime the nights before.

I was pretty tired as well, but I somehow managed to get myself to go out for a stroll around my old neighborhood:


My friend with the DVDs was still there.

“Man, you back already?” – or so were his words.

I stocked up on action movies and headed across the street to get some fruit:

fruit stand

“Hey, haven’t seen you in a while! My, look at yourself now – what’s with the beard?”

They all seemed to remember me. How nice.

I got a water melon from Hainan 海南 – very sweet and very expensive. And I got six apples.

Later that night, Xiaohei and I ordered some food and watched movies:


Hanging out there in the lounge, it actually felt like I had never been gone.

There was still an unsolved problem though: my foot.

Someone had finally come up with a treatment that sounded reasonable, so I gave it a try:


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“Instant cure to athlete’s foot 脚癣一次净” – thirty minutes of soaking and a few moments of sheer pain (even if it looks pleasurable – it’s not).

Now I hope the infection has been eradicated, annihilated, wiped out, and blasted into oblivion.

Wait until you see the picture of my foot later.

  • Becci

    was is das für ein zeug? das wo du deine füße reingestellt hast mein ich. sieht nich so angenehm aus und als hättste das irgendwo anner straßenecke erstanden 🙂 hoff zumindest isses besser! :-*


  • andy

    …ist wahrscheinlich Eselpimmeldipp (das letzte mal war Dein Gesichtsausdruck entzückter ;o) ,hehe

    viele Grüße (und wie gesagt "gute Erholung") aus Stuttgart von


  • Maggie

    Enjoy your non-walking days and good luck.


  • claudia

    läufst du dann eigentlich den ganzen weg wieder zurück??




  • Christoph

    Becci: Glaub mir, ich hoffe auch dass das Zeug was bringt! Alle Chinesen sagen, das wäre voll super.
    andy: Hahaha, der war gut!
    Maggie: Oh, I am so sick of non-walking! 🙁
    claudia: WTF?? 🙂


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