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WTF just happened?

I got up at 6 in the morning, dropped my backpack off at the hotel front desk and took a cab to the airport:


What a tired morning.

What a quiet ride.

What a weird feeling to do these things that I hadn’t thought I’d be doing again for a while.

Like checking in:


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or hanging around in waiting areas:


…or boarding airplanes:


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A look out the window in Xianyang:

airplane window

…and one and a half hours later, again in Beijing:

airplane window in Beijing

This had taken me more than 3 months to walk, now 90 minutes to fly.

I felt like the joke was on me.

Nobody was waiting for me at the arrivals, because I was incognito – nobody knew I was coming:

Beijing airport

The cab ride was a quiet rush through the pre-Olympic motor madness:

taxi in Beijing

Then I got to where I had started from months ago (the first day):



I took the elevator up to the 21st floor where I used to live:


The doors slowly slid open.

My neighbor and good friend Xiaohei was waiting for me in his apartment.

PS: I haven’t told you WHY I am back in Beijing?

Considering the fact that I can’t walk anywhere with my foot, I am going to do something that I should have done a while ago:

Apply for a new passport.

  • Muriel

    What's happened are you finished?


  • jule

    hey, die taxen sehen ja aus wie ein gefängnis…
    dann wünsch ich mal viel glück mit den behördengängen… hoffentlich ist das nicht genauso zäh wie in deutschland und du kannst bald wieder mit gesunden füßen deinen weg fortsetzen. 🙂
    läufst du denn dann nochmal von peking aus los?? oder fliegst du wieder nach xianyang?
    liebe grüße, jule


  • Thijs



  • Maggie

    I thought you would quit the walking. Good luck with the new passort. 🙂


  • Jon Zhao

    Take care and go to see a good chiropodist.


  • Marc

    Hi Christoph, lange ncihts mehr von einander gehörrt… Habe heute aber alle ausgelassenen Tagesberichte gelesen und bin nach wie vor von Deiner Leistung beindruckt! Das mit dem Fuß ist ärgerlich aber vermutlich ja doch nur eine lästige Lapalie! Lass mal wieder Skypen….



  • silly wuhnilly

    ich finde auch, das zählt nicht, jetzt musst Du noch mal von vorne losgehen 🙁 hehe


  • Steven

    I looked down through the window everytime I got on a plane, I often wondered what it would look like on ground over here or there!
    Chris, you could tell yourself…
    "I had walked all the way through, footstep by footstep……….."


  • Dani

    Hello from South-West-Florida!
    Viel Glück mit den Behördengängen und gute Heilung der Extremitäten!


  • Christoph

    Muriel: Taking care of some stuff, that's all!
    jule: "läufst du denn dann noch mal von Peking aus los?" WTF??? 🙂
    froggyfrogg & Thijs: No worries, guys! I'll be back on my way soon!
    Maggie: Thanks!
    Jon Zhao: That's also what I am thinking now that I've tried all these different treatments on my poor foot!
    Marc: Heute so nett zu mir?
    silly wuhnilly: Haha, solcherlei Kommentare bin ich schon eher von euch Fleifen gewöhnt!
    Steven: Sounds very good. To be honest I hadn't even thought of that when I was on the plane. The only thing I was thinking was: WTF am I doing back in Beijing?? 🙂
    Dani: Dank dir und Gruß in den Sommer!


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