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There’s a photographer (I forget his name) who has published a book about things people sit on in China.

I think that is an interesting subject indeed, and I am a bit jealous that I didn’t think of it first:


There’s not necessarily a deeper meaning to this – most chairs are still just chairs even after you’ve taken their picture:


…but it can still be interesting to think about the people that might have been sitting on them.

And the things that they might have been doing.

Landscapes tell other stories.

Like these mountains:


They’ve been sitting there ever since, protecting the settlements at their feet from invaders for years, decades, centuries and millennia in the past.

mountains in the distance

Today, they don’t have the same meaning anymore to the people:


Everybody can move so fast these days…

A random house on the way blesses the travelers passing:

safe journey

The board says: “have a safe journey ไธ€่ทฏๅนณๅฎ‰”

Thanks, random house!

I took a break in front of a little store, sipping on ice-tea, looking at people doing things in the warm sunlight:

village in Shanxi

As I was sitting there, I concentrated heavily and managed to put together the pieces:

1) Spring Festival was only a few days ago,

2) it’s getting so warm I’m not even wearing my gloves and beanie anymore,

3) I can hear birds in the trees.

So hear my conclusion: It’s spring again!!

Even the massive power plant short of Yongji looked kind of friendly:

power plant

Cooling towers gently rising like early spring flowers – generators and turbines, daffodils and crocuses.

I arrived in town in the highest of spirits, and I received a friendly welcoming:

girls with bike

Then there was the Black & White Wang ้ป‘็™ฝ็Ž‹, who apparently owns a photo studio and has something interesting to say:

Black & White Wang

“If you look bad on camera then it’s the photographer’s fault! ๆ‚จไธไธŠ็›ธๅฐฑๆ˜ฏๆ‘„ๅฝฑๅธˆ็š„้—ฎ้ข˜!”

I’ll keep that in mind…

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