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I needed money.

Somehow none of the local ATM’s seemed to be willing to accept my cards, and I suddenly found myself like a hobo with only 50rmb in my pocket.

I needed money, and I needed it badly.

We looked about everywhere:

back alley

I shot this couple on the street while I was trying to find an ATM that would give me money:


But then eventually, after about 15 tries, we finally found an ATM that worked, and went straight to spending:


Cash rules everything around me.

So many nice and nutritious things to fill up the stocks:

supermarket lantern

…but you guys know me:


If anything, I was most interested in chocolate candy bars (hard to find in the countryside).

By the way, it’s been exactly three months since I started.

I got a huge stock of groceries, most of them harmful to the teeth.

Then we went to get some movies:


My plan: I was going to take it easy that night and go to bed early.

But at like ten, some friends showed up at my hotel door insisting on a late dinner.

So there I was, out there again.

  • Joshua

    Haha. Nice WU reference
    In the WU homeland 😉

    I had same problem w money access
    In Nicaragua

    Ate tomato on bread for 3 days til I figured it out


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