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I woke up in the unholy smell of that hotel room this morning and thought: what a bad way to start the day.

A bit of walking and the lungs full of fresh air cheered me up a bit though.

Then I saw this goofball:

goat in Shanxi

Can goats possibly look even more ridiculous than sheep?

I’m not sure yet, but I found someone EVEN GOOFIER than the two:

foolish camel

This is Camel #4. He doesn’t have a name. He’s just number 4 out of four.

And this is his buddy:

honorable camel

Camel #3.

They are all very kind (and intelligent, I thought). Before their careers in tourism they used to work as actors.

This is where I found them:

Qiao Family Mansion

The Qiao Family Mansion 乔家大院.

Another wealthy merchant’s private estate from the Qing-dynasty (清 1644-1911):

Qiao Family Mansion street

Though smaller than Chang Family Courtyard in Dongguan, this place has a much bigger reputation throughout the country.

It even has its own TV-series, shot on location in 2005.

I liked the fact that it seemed to have restored some of the actual living conditions:

Qiao Family Mansion room

A bridal chamber.

I didn’t like the yard at all though:

Qiao Family Mansion park

Seriously, compared to the massive gardens in Chang Family Courtyard, this place looks like it belonged to a needy man with little or no taste.

Well, what do I go off about other people’s homes – I live on the road, basically.

One thing that I have always wondered about in China is this:


Sometimes, out of nowhere – tombstones. Now I have never seen graves outside of a cemetery in any Western country before.

But the more I think about this, the more I like it.

I mean, are you particularly fond of crowds? Or do you rather appreciate the luxury of personal space?

Well, what about the place of your last rest then?

Ok, change of subject:

Laufen in der Nacht

I have developed a very bad time management lately: I wake up early, can’t make myself get up, go back to sleep, wake up again (late), get up, start walking and finish walking late, then I eat, shower, wash some clothes, sort out pictures, come up with something to write about, get it written up, post it on the site (always late: it’s already 00:34 now) …

Anyways, what I actually wanted to say is this:

night walking

Hail metal!

Sometimes it is only my earphones filled with furious blasts of manly music that keep me going when it gets dark on the coal-covered highway.

  • Anand-Gua

    Now,it is 23:40.Today.I got up at 7:35,and finished my breakfast at 8:30.I always keep writing ,and I am going to write until 1:00.There is no music,and I have no desire to see and to talk with anyone.
    Mybe,I want to say,you are not alone,there are many friends care about you and stay with you!


  • Christoph

    🙂 I hope you're taking some time off to recover and do something fun every once in a while!


  • Abel

    I was once told by a wise old man that those strange burial places have to do with feng shui. You know, “300m East of (a certain river), this river flows from (such such) before leading into (the whatever there is).”


  • Jesse

    The Qiao Family Mansion…

    I went there on a trip once, only to get a bad food poisoning.

    Real bad.
    For a week or so I basically threw up whatever I ate (or drank); even when I tried to drink water I would still throw up a couple minutes later. Had to abort the trip, spent a few days in a sketchy rural hospital living on glucose drips…

    The Qiao Family Mansion was the last place I went before the poisoning.

    Bad memories.


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