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Basically, the last 100km have just been seeing a lot of plain old walking on my part.

Walking through all kinds of landscapes:


This part of China, the province of Shanxi 山西, is very beautiful in some areas:


It even reminded me of Bryce Canyon in a way. Rugged and wild.

rural Shanxi

I didn’t climb down into the beautiful wilderness though, and I didn’t camp out either.

Now It might not look like it, but it got really cold these days. I’m okay anyways, haven’t even had to put on all of my winter-wear yet. Besides, walking heats up really well.

I even take off my gloves sometimes to take a picture or two:

house in Shanxi


biker in Shanxi

Small engine big exhaust.

About 3/4 down the way I ran into some kids who were sweating in truck repair shop:

truck repair shop

Heavy work. One tire alone pounds in at more than 100kg, they told me.

ball bearing

I stuck around for a while, asking foolish questions and messing with my camera, then the owner invited me into the back of the shop to warm up:

inside the truck repair shop

A couple of old guys, a stove and a TV. Sunflower seeds to chew on. The good life.

I couldn’t stay long, though, because it was already getting dark, so I put the flashlight on and got on my way.

You can probably imagine how nice it is to see the city lights glow in the distance, knowing that the way ahead can’t be much more than another 5km or so:

Shanxi at night

Out from the wilderness, back in the city:

Yuci at night

Feels good.

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