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I walked west today. That’s a good thing, because west is where my home is.

No more walking south for a while.

On the way out from the city I found out something I thought was interesting: why were there so many hookers in this place?


The answer: Shijiazhuang is a major military base, there are single men everywhere.

I didn’t bother taking pictures of any armed forces, basically just because I didn’t want to get into trouble. So I tried to keep a low profile and walk by unnoticed (as unnoticed as I can be).

Then THE FIRST street sign caught my attention:

Taiyuan 235km

Note: This is saying Taiyuan 太原 is another 235km ahead. Everything’s cool, I thought.

Well, what do you know, I keep walking for two hours, and what do I see? ANOTHER street sign:

Taiyuan 312km

I’m like, WTF?! Now Taiyuan has suddenly shifted another 80km out of the way or what?

Don’t know what’s up with that. I’m just going to keep walking and taking notes I guess. Someone has got to be proven wrong!

Some more colorful impressions from today’s road:


(I have this thing for bridges lately. Particularly the light situations are often enjoyable.)

foot massage salon

“漫步一足” – basically this means “take a walk” – kind of caught my attention. I didn’t go in though. I just kept doing what I was doing: taking a walk.

Then I entered some serious countryside:

village near Shijiazhuang

Now if I have called the city “civilization” before – then this must be the “wild”, right?

I was weighing this thought in my mind with thoroughness and care, when I looked up and…

first mountain

…saw my first mountain!

So far, the road has been at a very steady altitude of about 50m above sea level.

Taiyuan sits at a sky-high 1500m.

There is a lot of countryside ahead. And a lot of mountains.

I am nervous.

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