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Where I am from, Christmas is on the evening of December 24th.

Today is not Christmas.

—But for me it is—

I’m still chillin’ when Haozi rings me up and says:

“Where you at, we’re coming over!”

You guessed right, they’re coming to bring me back…

getting the camera back

…my one…

wide angle lens is back

…and only…

the lens is back


okay, this is getting boring



…my wide-angle lens!

But they didn’t stop there. They got me a candy, too.

candy shipment

A BUNCH of candy. I can’t possibly carry all that stuff in my backpack!

So I guess I’ll have to stay in for a day and do some massive candy devouring!

I have learned:

  1. I have slowed down the pace, and walking is more fun now.
  2. I am rich – rich in candy, rich in friends, rich in beautiful things to see.

I’ll hang out today, on this December 1st, my Christmas day, then leave town tomorrow.

The mountains are coming closer and closer.

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