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Today saw me hanging out with my friend. He knew someone in the leather business, so we went and checked out a manufactory:

leather factory

I enjoyed the place: the colors, the light, the shade. Even the noise and the smell.

Only downside was I was wearing slippers (to get some relief for my feet), so I couldn’t really dive into all the fun.

Since I was showing up with the boss, shooting went really relaxed.

leather factory worker

Nobody even bothered.

Then we went to Eastern College of Fine Arts 东方美术学院.

I was allowed to shoot some of the students in class.

animation student

I photographed a girl in the hallway.

Eastern College of Fine Arts

Now this is a manipulation of reality. I asked her to stand there.

But then I’ve also come to realize that my existence – a big foreign guy with a big foreign camera – itself constitutes a manipulation of reality.

An observer effect?

Or am I part of reality?

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