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My hotel room has orange curtains.

orange curtains

They make everything orange in the room. I like it, because it feels warm.

I have spent a whole day in this orange light, writing my blog, sorting my pictures, watching a TV show, waiting for my foot to heal up a bit.

Once I went out to get some water, though, and I was shocked by the outside world:


Quickly, I rushed back into my sanctuary.

So I’m laying on my bed looking at a masterpiece on the wall.

orange room

And then the phone rings: Haozi.

He says the camera repair place told him that my lens will be ready in a day or two.

N O W   T H A T ‘ S   S O M E   G O O D   N E W S  !

I’ll continue walking tomorrow.

  • Rindy

    so glad to hear that,so u can take a lot good pics for us.
    can't waiting for that.
    take care yourself and ur feet.
    you may把你的脚拿出来凉干,贴上创可贴,就好的快了!


  • Lilu

    Das sind wirklich gute Neuigkeiten, freue mich für Dich!


  • Ananda_Gua

    What a pity your foot are! I I have scalded one of fingues today,but not serious .
    Winter always is grey,orange is much better!


  • Corinna

    Echo Lilu: freue mich für Dich !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • elefant

    nochmal: freue mich für dich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Island Girl

    Fais attention à tes pieds
    Prends soin de toi


  • Wanda

    I just finished reading your whole story to date…you are amazing, and are telling a wonderful story and I LOVE the pictures. So glad you'll be getting your camera fixed soon. Marvin just went to bowling; he's trying to get your technique down, but I think he will need you to come back HERE to HELP him! We love you – take very good care of yourself!


  • Christoph

    Rindy: Taking a rest today, should do some good to the feet!
    Lilu, Corinna, elefant: 🙂 smiley-face
    Ananda_Gua: You watch out with your fingers, I watch out with my feet! Is winter grey in Kanton, too?
    Island Girl: Je suis toujours en pleine forme – la pêche! 🙂
    Wanda: It feels so good to know that you like what I'm doing! No more jokes about my bowling skills! I shall take intense lessons when I'm with you the next time, and I shall prevail!


  • Ananda_Gua

    I don't if the winter of kantou is grey or not, I always stay in my room,sit in front of my computer,write and write and write.


  • Christoph

    You are so poor… go out and have a 珍珠奶茶!


  • Meagan

    Love the bowling joke haha!! Got some good memories there 🙂 you know I am a seriously amazing (inept) bowler lol!
    Seriously though, I am completely entangled in your walk. Ive been trying to stay caught up with you currently, while also reading back through your walk through China. And lemme tell you, it has entranced me!! I just love reading your words… and sharing them with janice! Haha I can hear them in my head in your voice! Love you! So proud of you 🙂


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