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Today I finally realized what Zhu Hui had been talking about all this time.

students of taekwondo


He had been saying that it was some sort of martial arts, but I just didn’t understand.

For all I knew he could have specialized in some kind of weird shadowboxing dance or something.


Well, today we went to a competition in a middle school in Baoding and had a look.

taekwondo infight

I remember I used to have a friend in middle school who was into this sport.

We never fought though, just played ball and rode our bicycles around the village.

I wonder whatever happened to that friend.

I got to talk to one of the fighters. His name is Pei Haonan 裴昊楠, he is almost 13 years old, pounds in at 39kg and wears the brown belt.

Pei Haonan practising his kicks

We had a little conversation.

Chris: “Did you lose or did you win today?”

Pei: “I lost, but I placed third!”

Chris: “Where you nervous at all?”

Pei: “No, never!”

Chris: “Never ever?”

Pei: “Well, the very first time, I was nervous then!”

Chris: “And do you remember how you did back then?”

Pei: “I won!”

Pei Haonan practising taekwondo

Looking back I wonder how Pei Haonan would have done, had he been just a little bit more nervous today.

I guess we will never know.

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