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I got help today, and I needed it badly.

Waking up in that sub-zero hotel room in Gucheng, Zhu Hui came up with an idea: “Why don’t we just walk all the way to Baoding – today?” he asked me.

“Well, because it’s 35km to Baoding, we’ll never make it!”

Zhu Hui thought for a while: “It’s not about the distance – your bag is too heavy! We’ll put it on the bike and push it to Baoding. That way you can get your camera fixed as soon as tomorrow!”

Said and done.

Zhu Hui pushing my backback on his bike

There’s the backpack on my friend’s bicycle. I thought we would at least share the burden by taking turns pushing the bike, but Zhu Hui only watched me push for a miserable half hour while he was amusing himself taking bird pictures.


I actually like this picture quite a bit.

Then he insisted on steering the backpack/bike all the way to Baoding by himself, navigating through taxis and police cars, fruit stands and construction vehicles, while I was behind him trying to keep up; my feet were killing me.

In the end we really made it to Baoding, and I gotta say it’s really all due to Zhu Hui.

Zhu Hui in the distance

I would see him in the distance pushing the bike, and I would just follow him and try to keep up. My feet would say stop! – but I would answer shut up, we’ve got to follow Zhu Hui!

the moon

It was nightfall before we entered Baoding, but we made it – and then help from Beijing arrived.

Momo (center) helped me get my broken lens to a repair shop

My neighbor and very good friend Xiaohei.

I give him a call today right before Baoding and say:

“Man, I’m fucked, one of my lenses is broken, is there any way I can get it to Beijing to get it fixed?”

And the dude gets in his car with his friends Haozi 浩子 and Momo and comes down to Baoding right away to save me and my messed up camera – now that is awesome, isn’t it?



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