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I woke up with an aching back at 6 in the morning and decided it was too cold outside to leave my sleeping bag yet.

Then my dad rang me up. Apparently my cellphone is kind of messed up these days – people have been trying to call, but I had no chance of knowing!

Anyways, I crossed Lugouqiao 卢沟桥 (also called “Marco Polo Bridge) at around nine in the morning.

Lugouqiao or Marco-Polo-Bridge

There was a nice old lady who was analyzing the contents of my bag for her husband: “Look, he’s got a tent, walking sticks, a pad to lay down on – and he’s even carrying a pair of plastic slippers!” What a big bag!

Yeah, that’s what I thought, too…

truck near Lugouqiao

I took this picture because I liked the color and the shape of the truck. Then the lady on the picture rode her bike into the frame – and click! – there it was, a perfect example of the streets I’ve been walking so far, just concrete and more concrete, with bigger and smaller vehicles rushing past me.

Everyone is in a hurry, and I am in a hurry, too?

One part of me is trying to take it slow, not burn out so quickly, slowly adjust to the walking and the weight and all – but another part of me really wants to get miles between me and the city, leave Beijing behind and get some fresh air to clean out my head.

Chinese hawthorn

Well, my quest for the countryside had me bumping into these guys who were picking up fruit somewhere in the outskirts of the city. They would beat on trees with a long stick and pick up what came falling down. It felt like countryside alright, but you could still hear the highway soaring nearby, so I kept on walking.

flock of sheep near Beijing

This is when I first had an obscure thought like: “I am not in the city anymore!”

I don’t know what it is about these sheep, but their appearance just makes me feel a good bit calmer.

Like snowflakes…

In summa: I gotta make myself walk slower, my feet are killing me. I put them in a bowl with hot water tonight though, guess that’s supposed to help.

Oh, and you wanna know something very sad? I lost one of my walking sticks -and I hadn’t even tried them out!

PS: I love checking up on the “comments”-section as it is growing and growing, and I love finding new posts – THANK YOU, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT, VIELEN DANK, 非常感谢!

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