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The original plan was to get up “as early as possible”, and start walking right away, but reality saw me going out to have hot pot with Xiaohei 小黑 at about 1 am the day before.

So I get up and I try out the scale: 97 kg.

I never made it to the 100. Damn.

First photo of The Longest Way

Twenty minutes later I had my clothes on and was at 102 kg.

With the cameras dangling around my neck: 109 kg.

And then I put on the backpack and looked at the scale… 123 kg.

I started breaking a sweat and decided to have breakfast before I would leave.

Well, how can I describe the amount of traffic I had to navigate through? When I noticed I was humming “one, two, three – one, two, three” I thought, are we that desperate already??

Beijing street scene


That’s when I put in my earphones and listened to music for the rest of the day, ignoring all the beautiful life out there that I had ventured out to discover.

Just getting out of Beijing, trying not to poke as many people with the walking sticks dangling from my backpack, can be a hard thing to do.

leaving Beijing

I had noodles for lunch in an overcrowded place near Gongzhufen, where I wouldn’t even fit through the door with all my gear on.

The noodles were okay though.

Now I’m in a hotel where some Uncle Zhang 张叔叔 served me beef and mantou 馒头 for dinner, all the while screaming at the top of his lungs about how he had been to 28 countries, and that everybody should drink the hell up.

Okay, I am making this sound worse than it actually was – it was a nice dinner, but I couldn’t stop thinking about my hurting feet and decided to go to bed early.

I wonder if I have lost any weight yet.

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