bald = bold?

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I got my head shaved today. 20 yuan and 20 minutes – and the fluff was history.

Jay and Hernando shot the thing on HDV, so there might be something to show in a while, when the editing is done and things have gotten to a more mature stage (i.e. me having my hair grown back!)

Being bald is weird.

Beijing Dayuncun

It’s weird because you’re supposed to look tough with a shaved head, but I really don’t think I do. I do look younger I guess, and my head feels very vulnerable now; every cold breeze is bound to make me shiver.

Where’s my new hat?

Now you might be wondering what it actually does look like…

…please wait until tomorrow!

The bags are all packed.

The keys have all been returned to the landlord.

The anxiety is all there.

No sleep at all.

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