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There is Seinfeld on the tv, though on the box it’s called “Seimfeld”.


I got myself some chips, coke, chocolate candy bars and lots of little oranges. There is orange peel all over the floor somehow.

There is also so much important stuff left to take care of, but what about all the hours and hours of tv left unwatched?

I chose to do two things at the same time: Take care of important stuff PLUS watch tv. Things take a little longer this way though.

The tv is turned a little in my direction, so I can see better. I occasionally have to clean my hands from either grease or orange peel. The tv goes on and on endlessly.

I can’t believe that this is supposed to be the last time I can do this. I have only watched up to disc 9 – and there are 19 discs left! Maybe I should leave some for when I get home? Not watch the whole thing – so there is something left to look forward to?

Bixingyuan apartment

Is Seinfeld really that good of a tv-show?

The answer is: no.

The Seinfelds spend their time chatting away about this and that, and most of the time they do that in the comfortable shelter of their apartments in Manhattan. I think that’s the key: shelter/apartments.

I put on my backpack today. And then the cameras, too – and I thought, well, this is okay! I walked around in front of the tv for a while. People talking on the tv. Laughter. I scaled my weight with the backpack and the cameras on.

Then I broke a sweat and decided to relieve myself for now and go back to watching tv. Something about girls and guys and their apartments.

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